Communication And Network

Wireless Communication Technologies
Mobile Computing
Cloud Computing
Distributed Computing
Load Balancing, Scheduling and Resource Management
Ad-hoc Networks
Computer Networks
Wireless Sensor Networks
High Performance Networks
Network Security and Cryptography
Reliable Computing
Internet of Things
Virtualization Technologies

Multimedia & Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Compression Techniques
Digital Image Processing
Object Character Recognition (OCR)
Image / Video / Audio Coding, Transmission and Security
Internet and Web Applications
Medical Imaging
Application of Image Processing Techniques in Various Fields

Data Mining & Warehousing

Database and Data Mining Applications
Distributed Database Applications
High Performance Data Mining Algorithms
Big Data Analysis
Data Analytics
Semantic Network Analysis
Knowledge Based System
Text, Graph, Video, Multimedia Data Mining
Web Mining

Computational Intelligence

Machine Learning
Virtual Reality
Soft Computing
Pattern Recognition & Analysis
Man Machine Interface
Search Engine Optimization
Sentiment Analysis


High Performence Computing
GPU Computing

Games & Applications

Android Games & Applications
Games For Real Life & Applications

Nano Computing

Simulation and Modelling of Nano System
Nano Bio Computing

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