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Conference Proceedings will be published through reputed publishers with ISBN numbers and extended versions of selected papers presented in the ICAC-2016 will be invited for publication forwarding to an issue of CSI Transactions on ICT.

The best paper & poster in all seven tracks will be awarded.

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1) What is the deadline for paper submissions for ICAC 2016?

The (revised) paper submission deadline for ICAC 2016 is 25th July, 2016 (Midnight, UTC +12 hours). This is a hard deadline and there will be no further extensions/revisions.

The exact closing time for the site in various common time zones is indicated in a table available under Paper Submission.

2) Will ICAC 2016 allow for presentations of SPL papers as per normal Signal Processing Society policy?

Yes, authors of IEEE Signal Processing Letters (SPL) papers will be given the opportunity to present their work at ICAC 2016, subject to space availability and approval by the ICAC Technical Program Chairs. SPL papers published in 2015 and 2016, that have received final acceptance for publication in SPL by May 15, 2016, are eligible for presentation at ICAC 2016, provided the work has not been previously presented at an SPS conference. Because they are already peer-reviewed and published, SPL papers presented at ICAC 2016 will not be reviewed. Requests for presentation of SPL papers should be made through the web link sent out to SPL authors on or before May 16, 2016. Approved requests for presentation must have one author/presenter register for the conference according to the ICAC 2016 registration instructions.

3) The LaTeX Template, Microsoft Word Template, and PDF Sample files do not have the exact margins or measurements as those described in the paper kit. What are the correct measurements?

The Paper Kit description should be considered the final word. Because of software version differences, installed font differences, and other system-specific issues, the final PDF or Postscript file that you create from the given templates may not exactly match the sample manuscript found in the paper kit.

4) How should I list multiple (more than 2 authors) authors in the heading of my manuscript?

There are several formats commonly used for formatting author lists of 3 or more authors.

The preferred method is to list the author names with identifying marks (superscript numbers, for example) and then a legend below the name list with the respective affiliation descriptions. Be sure that the author list does not exceed the margins of the page.

5) I am submitting to a Special Session, where and how do I submit? Can I submit to a special session?

Submissions to the special sessions are through the regular ICAC submission site and subject to the same deadlines. While completing your submission, please choose the EDICS classification corresponding to your special session to indicate that your paper is intended for a special session. Note that special sessions are open to submissions from all authors. Please see the list of Special Sessions to determine if your paper may be appropriate for one or more of these.

6) I receive an error code 1001 when I attempt to submit the IEEE copyright form. What does this mean, and how can it be corrected?

Error 1001 means that the IEEE system is not receiving a particular header from the web browser that they use to verify the person is coming from an authorized website.

This could be caused by:

A firewall on the user's computer blocking the "HTTP Referrer" header
A firewall on the user's network blocking this header
A browser plugin on the user's computer stripping this header.
Possible solutions are:

Temporarily disable the plugin, firewall or the feature of the firewall that strips this HTTP header.
Use a different browser.
Submit from a different network.